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Caselaw -
  The LTB has a wealth of binding caselaw from appeals to Divisional Court and the Ontario Court of Appeal.  These appeals are binding on the Board, and can be used to bullet-proof your case.  LTB decisions may be persuasive, but decisions from the appeal Courts have the real power.

This webinar will provide you with my most popular appellate decisions that I keep in my everyday caselaw file.  I will discuss the important decisions, how they can be argued and what the ratio of each case is.  For new paralegals, it will be an overview of the importance of caselaw.  For experienced paralegals, it will provide you with the leading cases that can improve your practice results.

Ontario's System of Rent Control -
  We will discuss rent deposits, interest on rent deposits, raising rents, increases for additional facilities, illegal charges, the L5 above guideline application, the N10 notice and Ontario's new 2017 and 2018 section 6 rule changes.

You will learn everything you need to know about keeping the rent legal and avoiding applications by a tenant for a rent reduction and abatement.  We will review the infamous Price v. Turnbull's Grove case from the OCA, a terrible threat to your landlord client.  We will also look at the 1 year limitation period which has some holes in it, for a tenant making claims for the return of illegal rent.

Notice of Termination for Conduct -
Evictions for conduct at the LTB are hard to get.  Caselaw puts a big burden on landlords to make notices perfect.  It's not just the statutory requirements like timing, but also the amount of detail in notices.  The issue of legal marijuana in Ontario, both growing and using in rentals will also be discussed.

Learn about the crazy system of notices (rather than applications) to plead facts at the LTB.  Get copies of my best notice pleadings for N5's etc.  Learn about the intricacies of the complicated N5 notice.  Few people really understand it or know how to argue it.  There have also been changes in the last year regarding the conditions for serving a second N5.  Webiar includes flow charts and tables for your office wall.

Mediation at the LTB -
We will cover the process of mediation at the LTB, the private mediated agreement versus the consent order.  Learn about how to use agreements with s.78 clauses as a way to an easier eviction. Learn about the difference between a re-opening vs a s.78 re-application.  We will discuss the strategic issues of when to mediate versus going to a hearing.

We will examine the L4 and the actual s.78 statutory requirements that need to be satisfied in order to file one.  We will also look at the set aside process and how to argue it from a landlord's perspective.  We will disect Rule 13 of the Rules of Practice in detail.  There have been recent changes to re-openings that will make mediated agreements even weaker.

Evictions for Landlord or Purchaser use -
In this webinar we will discuss No Fault Evictions, that is those for  landlord and purchaser's own use, as well as for demolition and renovation.  There have been a huge number of changes to statute over the last two years, including compensation, length of stay, corporate landlords, affidavits and declarations, reverse onus on T5's etc. 

We will cover the N12, N13, the L2 and T5 applications.  The leading caselaw will be presented as well as strategies to achieve success for the landlord client, and pitfalls of which to be beware. Your client can lose their home forever if done incorrectly!

Odds and Ends -
We will start with the new government lease and the importance of having a comprehensive lease Appendix to provide certainty and enforceability of the lease terms.  We will look at the new Rules relating to service by email, when it's allowed, and how to get consent using the new LTB form.  We will examine the A2 application which provides evictions for unauthorized occupants, discuss the difference between a "tenant" and an "occupant" etc.  We will look at s.83 arguments for A2 applications.  We will discuss the changes for the new Rules of Practice, especially those regarding notice of entry into the unit. We will deal with a short discussion on jurisdiction and exemptions, as welll as a thorough discussion of the Human Rights Code and evictions.

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